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Owner's Retreat Events

Friday, February 21st

Evening Group Dinner - Please make sure to sign up when registering so that we are able to confirm reservations.

Blazin’ M Ranch Chuckwagon Dinner & Show $55 per person

Itinerary & Dinner Show Schedule:

Vittles Served: 6:30 pm

Cowboy Show: 7:30 pm

Exit Stage Left: 8:45 pm

Saturday, February 22nd

We have arranged for two events you will be able to select from for Saturday afternoon.

Please make sure to sign up when registering so that we are able to confirm reservations.

Verde Canyon Railroad (4-hour excursion) $108.75 per person (Space is limited)

First-class, spacious living room-style seating, panoramic windows. Champagne toast upon boarding, full-service cash-bars premium liquors, seat service complimentary appetizers. All cars connect to open-air viewing platforms.

Range Shooting (4 hours) - David Wittmayer has invited you to join him at his outdoor shooting range in Dewey. The outdoor range is about 20 miles away from Camp Verde. It is outdoors so; weather could be a factor. Mostly will be shooting pistols but can go back to 100 yards for rifles or shoot rifles at close range. The range is wide enough to handle 10 people in a line. If any experienced shooters want to help by being range safety officers, it would be appreciated.

Participants will need to bring: A weapon to shoot, ammunition, ear protection, and suitable clothing.

If weather is not permitting, participants can plan to go to the indoor range. Copper Star Shooting Range

Cost is $20.00 per hour, per person on a first come first serve basis. Hours will be 1:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. Its indoors, it is temperature controlled, a person is shooting down a lane at a target. They have guns to rent and sell ammunition at additional costs. If a rental gun is used, then their ammunition needs to be purchased. If you need to rent a 9MM pistol, 50 rounds of ammo, ear protection and a target the rate is $67.50 per hour.

The range rules are simple: Always keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction. No drinking, drug use, or impairment of any kind. Have fun. If the rules are violated, you will be asked to leave the range. Safety is the first concern.

Event venue: Castle Cliff Pass Hotel & Casino, 333 W Middle Verde Rd, Camp Verde, AZ 86322