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Email Diana- Executive Director

For more information:
(602) 910-0081 Call/Text
Email Diana- Executive Director

Sunrise Automotive Training & Expo Webinars

Taco Tuesday Training webinars give you the opportunity to meet our sponsor partners and trainers before we kickoff Sunrise 2024.

Technician Training Talk

Adam Robertson - DiagNation & CTI

Do you have the right coverage for your shop?

Cody Schumacher - Federated Insurance

A look at the Service Advisor training that can’t be missed.

Mark Seawell  - The Institute for Business Excellence

Let's Taco About it - with Shop Owners

NACHO Average Trainers at Sunrise

Sara Fraser - Haas Performance Consulting

Setting the Foundation for Attracting the Unicorn Employee

Cecil Bullard - The Institute for Business Excellence

Beyond the Shell: Breaking down Credit Card Processing for your bottom line

Dan Arndt - CardConnect Paradise

Understanding Labor Rates, Profits & Getting Customers In Your Shop!

Jimmy Alauria - Victory TeamBuilding Group

Changing the Industry

Lucas Underwood